Swallow tail wave board


Length  5'10"        Width   18 3/4''       Thickness   1 3/4"    


We have made a very special wave board,

delivering maximum drive and upwind ability in one board.




Polurethane wood stringered core

4 + 6 ounce glass on bottom

4 + 6 ounce glass on top

Bamboo veneer in sandwich layup on top

Future fin boxes.

weight without fins:  3.5Kg


The centre of the board has 10mm concave which tapers out to the tail. the rocker line  and fin configuration is unique, which ensures the board goes up wind with out compromising radical turning abillity


Only one 5'10" kite surf board is left.


    $690 with pads and a set of thruster fins.


Call Ray on 0407147116



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