This board was developed to get even more out of small reef and beach breaks and is meant to be ridden 70% strapless 30% straped .

Compared to the now legendary 5'10"the 5'6" is a different outline, rocker line and with that a totaly different character. It feels instantly fast and will rocket upwind even in light wind with the right size kite. The turning is on a wider radius than the 5'10", until the back foot preasure is increased, then the board will take on a skateboard like feel.

The 5'6" is very loose and agile, every wave section tuns into a skate park.



The 5'6" kitesurfboard has the same durable construction as the 5'10" model,

Polyester core with wood stringer, laminated, to and bottom with a 4 and 6 ounce layer of polester resin and fibreglass, The deck has a laminate layer of bamboo sandwiched in between the two glass layers, creating a sandwich lay up.

The advantage of using polyurethane foam as the core material is important if you want a board that is durable and still has that live feel, which epoxy boards will never give you, another advantage of polyurethane is that there is no water in take of the board if you damage the board due to hitting reef or rocks, the board can be repaired localy, and will be as light as before.



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